How to Cope with the Post Wedding Blues / by Vanessa Larkey

It's been two weeks since we said "I do" and we are both feeling the post wedding blues. We no longer spend our evenings reworking the seating chart, practicing our vows, or hosting wedding crafting parties. Our lives are back to "normal". And by normal, I mean I'm writing this blog beside my husband who is playing a PS4 game where you hunt monsters. I think it's called Witchers? I have no idea. 

Each night our dinnertime conversation inevitability turns to the wedding, and we reminisce about the party, the speeches and the planning. One of us usually ends the convo with the wish that we could relive the best night of our lives one more time. 

Sure, we are basking in our love and marital bliss, buuuuuut, life post wedding is a serious come down. We spent over a year planning this event and then suddenly it's just... over. It's done. We're officially part of the married world. When I talk about post wedding blues with my married friends most of them can relate. In fact, some of them who spent a pretty penny on their weddings recall feeling disappointed THE DAY OF their wedding. We're told that this is supposed to be the best day of our lives, and for most of us it is, but what happens next? There's so much buildup to the event, and nothing to guide you into 'happily ever after'.

Well, nothing to guide you until now. Below you'll find my Guide To Surviving The Post Wedding Blues™.  


There are definitely pros and cons to having your honeymoon right after your wedding, but Peter and I ultimately chose to postpone our honeymoon to early 2017. For one thing, both of our vacation days reset in January, which meant we could take as much time off as we needed for the wedding AND honeymoon. 

Postponing the honeymoon has also given us something to look forward to and plan. That being said, we were advised by friends to book our flights pre-wedding to make sure we actually took a vacation. I'm glad we did. 

As the title of this blog suggests, I'm a lady on a budget. Given our frugal nature I could see future Vanessa saying, "Do we really want to spend money on a vacation?" Yes. Yes we do. And so do you. 


"You pregnant yet?" 

I've been asked that question non-stop since we exchanged our 'I dos'. Usually the answer is a bashful "No!" but I should really change it to, "None of your damn business." 

Hey, in the past I've also been guilty of asking that question too. While well intentioned, I don't think people realize just how difficult it is for some women to get knocked up. I certainly wasn't aware until friends started opening up about their miscarriages and fertility issues. 

The question is especially gut wrenching for women that have been trying to get pregnant for years with no success. I've stopped asking any pregnancy related question because really, it's none of my damn business either. It also pains me to think that in an attempt to ask a lighthearted and fun question, I might've brought up painful miscarriage memories or fertility issues. 

If "none of your damn business" doesn't work for you, try one of these other lines, or come up with your own! It's as much fun as coming up with a wedding hashtag. 

- Babies? I'm more into cyborgs. We'll all need one in the post-Trump era 

- We wanted to give the whole parenthood thing a dry run with my Tamagotchi. It's similar to parenting, right? 

- No soft cheese, fish, or booze make Vanessa go something something. 

- We are waiting till Trump is out of the oval office to consummate our marriage 


This one comes courtesy of my friend Paula. When she first got hitched, anytime I'd go over to her place she'd wear her wedding dress. In her words, she wanted to wear it enough to get her money's worth. Hey, if you're not trading your dress on Bunz, why the heck not? 

Now that a few of us have said our 'I dos' we could throw a pretty epic wedding gown party complete with cake and all of our fave wedding tunes. 


Laughter's the best medicine, right? Why not LOL at some of the funnier cards you've received? Here are some of the cards we received that made us smile. 

*The Awesome card came with a temporary tattoo. We have yet to wear it. 

*The Awesome card came with a temporary tattoo. We have yet to wear it. 


Miss seeing your partner all dressed up? Plan a date where you both put on some fancy clothes and do fancy things. A few days after we got hitched Peter and I went to the museum, out for dinner and then to go see a play. It was fun to have the day to ourselves and feel classy. We enjoyed it so much we decided to make it a yearly tradition. 


You must be pretty awesome for another human being to commit spending the rest of their life with you! Enjoy their company and take it all in - even if it means watching them play PS4 on a Sunday afternoon.