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When Your Wedding Workout Plan Is Put On Hiatus by Vanessa Larkey

I hate to write about this, but it's on my mind. 

Working out. Getting in shape. Eating right. Fitting into the dress. 

It's something I think most engaged couples think about. All eyes (and cameras) are on you -- why not look your absolute best? 

For the past two years I've made healthy living a big part of my life. I started working out on the regular, and incorporating more vegetables into my diet. The result? I lost a bunch of weight and gained muscle. Funny how that works, isn't it? 

People took notice, too. When I would run into people I hadn't seen in a while their first reaction was usually, "Wow! You've lost so much weight! What are you doing/what did you change?" As I became healthier, not only could I open a jar a pickles (once a difficult task that involved knives and hot water), but my anxiety lessened, and I was able to get a restful 8 hours of sleep a night.  

Over the past two months I've had a pretty intense work schedule. Not only have I neglected my blog, I've neglected my health, too. While on the road we ate a lot of fast food, and well, I wasn't exactly motivated to work out while travelling. The result? I've gained some weight back. Not exactly the thing you want happening 3 months before your wedding -- especially if you've already bought a dress. 

The past two months have been the complete opposite for Peter. He bikes 100 KM a week for work, hits the gym, and maintains a mostly vegan diet. So! Starting today, actually starting tomorrow because I ate this today, I'm becoming hardcore. What does that mean? Eating as healthy and vegan as I possibly can, and working out 4 -5 times a week. Peter and I both want to look good in our photos, but more importantly, we want to be as healthy as we can we start on this new chapter in our lives together. So, while I'm upset at my setback this summer, I'm up for the challenge of turning things around. 


Wedding dress found! by Vanessa Larkey

I'm exhausted. 

It's been a pretty big two weeks. Peter and I bought a house (!!!), and I bought my wedding dress. As my friend Carly said, "Some would argue those are the two most difficult decisions in a girl's life!"

It wasn't supposed to happen this way, but I'm happy to have completed both tasks!  

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