WE HAVE A VENUE!!!! / by Vanessa Larkey

Here’s some Stevie Wonder to help you celebrate!!!!

This is definitely on the wedding day playlist. 

Good? Okay, me too.

Here’s how it all happened.

A week ago, Peter and I narrowed down our venue selection to the Enoch Turner Schoolhouse, and Fantasy Farm. Our quote for the latter was firm, but we were still in need of pricing for a cocktail reception at the Schoolhouse by one of their preferred caterers. I reached out and waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Radio silence.

After a week of NOTHING, I cursed the concept of preferred caterers with two words that rhyme with “Puck Matt”, and emailed Gus from Fantasy Farm. He responded WITHIN THE HOUR, and we threw down out $2800 deposit the next day.

Sure, it’s a banquet hall. Was it something we were initially planning for? No, but after spending months in the DIY trenches, I’m happy to retreat and have someone else take care of the booze, food etc. Especially after hearing absolutely NOTHING from the Enoch Turner Schoolhouse’s preferred caterers for over a week. I could only imagine what it would be like dealing with them on the big day. 

I received a lot of advice as to whether we should go the DIY route, or with a seasoned event space. Most acknowledged a DIY wedding would definitely reflect  "us", but it's not worth the stress. I mean, a wedding is really a huge party, did I really want to be on the phone phone bickering with caterers a mere few short hours before saying "I do"? 

Also, the thought of producing and directing* the actual wedding ceremony excites me WAAAAY more than what kind of appetizer will be paired with a silver platter. 

With Fantasy Farm we also get more bang for our buck. Our guests will be treated to a 5 course meal, and an open bar. With DJ vlarks on the IPod, it’s sure to be a fun night. And ultimately, that’s all we wanted from the get – go, is a fun night.

Let the planning for Nov. 19 2016 begin! 

*The thought of producing and directing anything excites us television folk