When Your Flower Girl is More Excited About Your Wedding Than You Are / by Vanessa Larkey

Kids are funny. 

We asked Peter's niece and nephew if they'd be interested in participating in our wedding ceremony, and they had two VERY different reactions. 

First up? His nephew. Henry's in grade 3 and marches to the beat of his own drum. His response to being asked if he wants to be a junior groomsman or ring bearer? 

"No offence, but I really don't want to go to your wedding. I don't like weddings." 

Gotta love that honesty. 

Hazel, Peter's niece, certainly made up for Henry's lack of enthusiasm. When we asked the first grader if she'd be interested in flower girl duties her face light up in a HUGE smile.


She was so honoured that it made ME want to burst into tears of happiness.  

Hazel loves makeup, clothes, and the colour pink. Suffice to say, she wasted no time asking what kind of dress she should wear, how she should style her hair, and whether or not she could wear 'high heels' during the ceremony. 

After a Q & A with Hazel about all things bride related, we played 'wedding' with her porcelain dolls dressed in, you guessed it, white wedding dresses. 

My BFF Carly had a stroke of genius when I was gushing about Hazel's reaction over coffee one day.

"You should get her a "How to Be a Flower Girl" book!" 

Turns out this is a very popular genre over at chapters.ca with over 36 titles dedicated to the subject. My two favourites? 

Option 1? The Most Special Flower Girl by Linda Hill Griffith. This is your standard wedding etiquette guide for kids. I think Hazel will like it, but is it a 'young' for a 7-year-old? 

Option 2 is Heidi Heckelbeck is a Flower Girl by Wanda Coven. This is a fictional story for beginner readers and I think more appropriate for a seven-year-old? 

Given how excited Hazel is to be a flower girl, I want to get her the perfect gift. Which one would you choose?