Really, Bridal Guide MAGAZINE? Botox? / by Vanessa Larkey

Ladymags are the worst... amiright? 

I stopped reading them a few years ago because:

a) The Internet. 

b) (an amazing byproduct of reason a).

c) Within five minutes of reading one I feel insecure about my weight/looks/life.  

ANYWAY, me and the glossies were recently reintroduced. When you're a fiancee, a wedding rag is an easy gift that'll help you find the perfect dress, and... well, find the perfect dress. 

I was recently gifted copies of Bridal Guide and Wedding Bells. Curious about what they had to offer, I decided to give them a "read". 

 If you've never "read" a bridal magazine before, you should know they're filled with pictures and advertisements. Seriously. There's maybe 10 pages of written content in a 150 page magazine.

After flipping thru countless pictures of gowns, I stumbled across an article called, "Complexion Perfection" in Bridal Guide magazine. Blemish free skin? I'm listening. Or, well, in this case, reading. The article detailed a month long skin regime pre-wedding. The paragraph that stuck out the most? 

If you're concerned about your elevens (those lines between your eyebrows) showing up in photos, Botox is a simple, non-invasive way to relax the frown muscles. For peak results, schedule the procedure for 2 to 3 weeks before the wedding." 

Elevens??? When did elevens become a thing? I have elevens! They're there from reading bullshit articles like this one! 

Also, when did COSMETIC SURGERY become part of a basic skincare regime? I guess in my ten year ban on ladymags it's slowly become a standard practise? What happen to throwing a couple cucumbers over your eyes and calling it a day? 

Non-invasive? If you can't move your face muscles, I call that pretty invasive.  

My advice? If your 'elevens' or whatever are really bothering you, there's Photoshop! Your face can be fixed without injecting poison into your skin.

Look, obviously I'm not a fan of Botox, but! If it makes you happy, go for it. I'm an advocate for feeling comfortable in your own skin. What DOES bother me? When BS magazines like this one continue to project unrealistic beauty and body standards. They tear women down, and then hawk BS products to help them chase an unrealistic beauty ideal they WILL NEVER MEET.

Anyway, me and my elevens are done ranting.