There's nothing like meeting with your officiant to really snap you into "OMG we are getting married" mode. 

Sure, we've chosen our readings, but we haven't chosen who is actually reading them. Vows? I want to write my own, but isn't that an abstract duty for future Vanessa? No? Because we are getting married in 6 weeks? Right. Need to get on that. 

Luckily, we have an amazing officiant, Rita, who was able to ease us (read: me) when she sensed panic in our (read: my) voice. She reminded us that there still is lots of time, and really helped us craft a ceremony that is reflective of who we are as a couple. Long story short, if you're looking for an officiant for your wedding, I highly recommend Rita. Check out her website here

Another ceremony update that's kinda cool has to do with our wedding rings. Well, specifically Peter's wedding band. Last weekend we were doing a big clean and while going through some stuff, Peter found an old ring box that was given to him by his Grandparents. Inside was a gold wedding band that belonged to his Great-Great-Grandfather and namesake, Carl Petersen.

The ring is from 1898 and was crafted by a jeweler named Th. Halgreen in Copenhagen (where Carl Petersen was from). Peter tried it on and well, Peter and Petersen share more than a name, they share a ring size too. The band fit perfectly. 

We decided immediately that this would be Peter's wedding band. Not only is it sentimental, it was serendipitous that we came across the box at a time where we were discussing wedding bands. Also, using Carl's ring is economical, which definitely will help keep us on budget 😉