It's The Final Countdown / by Vanessa Larkey

I've been singing this all weekend long. 

I've also done the whole, "At this point next week we will be walking down the aisle." Or, "At this point next week I will be partying it up on the dance floor." 

In between belting out 80s power ballads, we've also (attempted) to write our wedding speech. Peter favours brevity while I'm long winded. We'd like to meet somewhere in the middle. I'd say "like" because we are still in the midst of writing it. In fact, I'm writing this blog as a way to distract myself from watching Peter write his portion of the speech. 

So! What is left to do? A lot of little things. 

I need to buy some items for the 'hospitality basket' for the restroom. What's that? It's a basket full of gum, band-aids, stain removers, Advil, and other useful items our guests might need. I also need to buy a bra for my dress, which is something that I've avoided for the past month (I am not a big shopper). I need to break in my shoes, and I need to order our baked goods for the wedding dessert table. 

Yesterday I put my mind at ease by sending out our wedding day schedule to everyone involved. Did it calm everyones nerves? Yes, but now the focus has shifted to the rehearsal the day before. I think I'll have to create a rehearsal schedule to calm their anxiety and mine. 

This blog post has gone off on a lot of tangents. I think it's pretty representative of what this next week will be like. That, or I'm distracted by Peter's computer. When will he finish his portion of the speech so we can cross "write speech" off of our list?!?