The Wedding Registry / by Vanessa Larkey

"Have you registered yet?" 

Now that I've bought my dress, that's the most frequent wedding related question I'm asked. The short answer? No, we have not registered. 

We decided to hold off until we bought a place. As someone who spent the past six years sharing a 425 square foot apartment with my now fiancé, I know a thing or two about necessity vs. want. Sure, I may want a juicer, but do I need one? More importantly, do I have the space for one? No and, heck no. Plus, if I really wanna give a kitchen gadget a try, I'll head on over to the Toronto Kitchen Library and rent one for a week. 

Tired, but happy homeowners! 

Tired, but happy homeowners! 

Now that we have a place and we've moved in, it's time to register! But where? Initially, we thought about going the online route. and are both online services that allow you to register at a bunch of different stores while creating one, centralized registry for your guests. Both services also allow for cash/honeymoon fund gifts as well. The downside? We have to pay shipping for every item purchased -- even if they're purchased from the same store. Another downside? Both services take a pretty large percentage (around 10 percent) of any cash/honeymoon funds donated. Total bummer, right? I would much rather pay a fee to use the service instead. 

We're currently back in analog mode. We both want to register at a few different places. While The Bay is fantastic, it's a little pricy. We'd be happy to have a set of plates from Kitchen Stuff Plus. Plus, I don't know anyone my age that uses fine china. I guess millennials are used to living in smaller spaces, and when you live in a small house you don't have room for two sets of silverware. 

I've been told to register for patio furniture, and the internet agrees. In fact, patio furniture, tools, and gardening equipment seem to top every "Things I Wish I Registered For" list that I've read. Not surprisingly, kitchen gadgets tops everyone's regret list. 

We are going to register within the next two weeks. Is there a store you think we should check out? Is there something you think we should register for? Please let us know! Your guidance goes a long way.