"She's Not Buying You Two a Garbage Can" / by Vanessa Larkey

Early last week Peter and I went out for dinner with his parents. Inevitably, the conversation turned towards the wedding. Peter's Mom was fielding questions from his relatives about our, ahem, bare registry list.   

"Your Aunt Marg called... she said to add some stuff to your registry, because she's not buying you two a garbage can. Also, she said she couldn't find your registry at Kitchen Stuff Plus. Have you not registered there yet?" 

We hadn't. In fact, after posting about our initial foray into the registry world, we decided against it. Feedback to that previous post was that we should stick to 1 store for our sanity, and that we should allow ourselves to have some nice things. 

Anyway! Not wanting to disappoint Aunt Marg, we spent this past Saturday cruising the aisles of The Bay looking for stuff to add to the registry. It was smooth sailing until it came to dinner sets. I won't bore you with the details, but after much back and forth Peter and I had finally decided on a set. Well, we decided on a set until a Bay representative came by. 

He picked up the plate we were looking at and began aggressively scratching the surface with a fork. Where he got the fork I still have no idea. 

"Let me give you one piece of advice. Do NOT buy stoneware. Just because it's heavy doesn't mean it's good. See these scratches? This is what will happen to your set in a year or two. Stoneware doesn't last. Porcelain, china and bone china are the best and will last a lifetime." 

And with that, he went into a 5 minute lecture about the different types of dinnerware you can buy, and what that means for the wallet. For someone who had never considered the differences between earth ware, stoneware and china, I was confused/intrigued. Also, bone china? What is that? Turns out, it's actually made of bone. Gross. Out of the question for us. 

We ended up going with a porcelain set, but in three different colours (another compromise I won't bore you with). Am I happy I added stuff to our registry? 100 per cent. I just hope Aunt Marg likes our selection! 

Didn't take a photo of us shopping for our registry, so here's one of us on a segway instead. 

Didn't take a photo of us shopping for our registry, so here's one of us on a segway instead.