How Much Is Our Time Worth? / by Vanessa Larkey

Our wedding date is 138 days away (thanks for the countdown clock, HBC Registry) and as we inch closer and closer to the big event, the budget for my time is spread pretty thin. Life gets busy, and as someone who suffers from the occasional bout of anxiety coupled with insomnia, I know a thing or two about the importance of unwind time. 

Lately, I haven't had a chance to unwind. In fact, I've been the complete opposite -- wound up. It'll eventually pass, but it made me think about how sacrificing time to save a few bucks can be counterproductive. I've read enough entries on the Bunz Wedding Zone Facebook group from brides who decided to DIY and suddenly, days before their wedding, are overwhelmed by the entire process and frantically looking for a wedding coordinator to save the day. 

When it comes to our wedding, we've been really lucky that Peter's parents have taken on a bunch of DIY projects (I'll share in another post), but we don't want to burden them with anything else -- they've done so much. 

So lately, I find myself asking how much my time is worth, and whether spending some extra money (and going over our budget) will make the day run smoother. We want the day to be one that we will never forget because it was romantic and fun and amazing, not because of the stress.