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Gmail Thinks I'm a Spammer Because I Sent Too Many 'Save the date' Emails by Vanessa Larkey

My new look. 

My new look. 

Technology definitely makes life easier, except when it doesn't. 

Over the weekend Peter and I set up our wedding email address so we could send out our 'Save the Date' email. 

Yes, I said email. To cut down on costs and save trees, Peter and I are doing virtual invites, otherwise known as evites. 

The great thing about sending evites? You're able to write a legible, personalized message to each of your invitees. That's especially important to me, as I have the WORST penmanship EVER

I happily crafted my emails (which included a video that I'll reveal at a later date), and as the evening wore on I thought, "This is easy! Technology rules! Why doesn't EVERYONE do this???" 

I was on my 70th email when the tide began to turn. 

*Tide turning pictured below

Email address blurred to protect the innocent. 

Email address blurred to protect the innocent. 

NOOOOOO! The dreaded Mail Delivery Subsystem email! I figured it was probably an out of date email address, and made a note to confirm their contact info later. 

I continued writing, but was again interrupted by the Mail Delivery Subsystem. A few seconds later? Again. And again. Why was this happening to me??!?! 

I called the IT department (read: Peter) and he said Gmail probably thinks I'm a spammer. Turns out, the IT department was correct. After some internet sleuthing (aka reading Google's help page) I discovered that Google limits the amount of emails you can send per day to prevent spamming. This is especially true for new accounts. 

So! Where does Google's policy leave us? Me sending out 10 save the date emails every night to make sure our account doesn't get shut down again. 

Why does this suck? 

Because the internet and email is immediate. Some of our friends have received the save the date, and others will not receive it for a few days. With snail mail that's acceptable; not so much with technology. 

I guess this is the price we pay for 'free' technology. Sit tight, my friends... it'll come, eventually.