The Reason I Haven't Blogged In a Month by Vanessa Larkey

There is a big, orange, reason why I haven't blogged recently. 

The Trump presidency.

With every passing HOUR bad news streams out of America. The Muslim ban. Moving forward on the Dakota Access and Keystone XL oil pipelines. Starting the repeal process for the ACA. Every hour I was on Twitter, scrolling thru the news, devouring the latest think piece about the state of democracy in the free world.

The cold Canadian winter didn't help, either. Writing blog entries about wedding planning just seemed so trivial. Why bother? There are more important things going on in the world right now - I much rather sink into my couch and read about the latest Kelly Anne Conway 'alternative fact' making waves on the cable news circuit. 

A few days ago I mustered up the energy to go to the doctor's office for a routine checkup. Turns out, my Vitamin D levels are dangerously low, among other things. I obviously needed a shakeup. First, I picked up some vitamin D supplements immediately. After that, I installed the app Self Control on my computer to limit my social media time, and deleted Twitter from my phone. I decided to become more politically active and engaged IRL. Sure, a retweet is nice, but protesting is better. So is writing/calling your local politicians to express concern about Canada's relationship with the US, and what we can do on an international level to help those who have been displaced by the ban. I reignited my political side, and it felt good. 

I also decided that fuck it, I'm going to blog again. I find it fun, and I'm not going to let a washed up reality star turned President suck me into his Upside Down. 

*This is a representation of me stuck in a Twitter hole