You Can Use Pinecones in a Bouquet??? by Vanessa Larkey

Ahh... the holidays. They were fun, weren't they? Cheese, alcohol, family, answering questions about the wedding, more cheese, more alcohol, binge watching Making a Murder... I could go on, but I won't.

What I WILL go on about is my incredibly talented soon to be sister-in-law. Linda is an artist/florist/all around kind and generous human being (check out here Etsy store here), and over the Christmas break, she had some pretty rad suggestions for my bouquet, and our general wedding decor. 

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"You'll Make it Back" Syndrome by Vanessa Larkey

A few weeks ago a Daily Mail (the paper that brought you such headlines as “Is There No One Left in Britain That Can Make a Sandwich?” and "Women Become Good Cooks at the Age of 55") article was making the rounds on the Internet.

It was all about a bride who sent wedding guest no-shows a bill to cover the cost of their dinners. You can read the riveting piece of journalism here.

Caught up? Okay, good. 

To me, it sounds like that bride has You'll Make it Back syndrome. What's that? When engaged couples fork over huge amounts of money in hopes they'll "make it back" in gifts from friends and family. Sometimes, that doesn't happen, and the bride and groom start their new lives together with mounting debt. Romantic, isn't it? 

To avoid You'll Make It Back syndrome, I suggest you start with a budget YOU CAN AFFORD, so you don't wind up doing things like sending a cheque to your wedding GUEST no show.

Speaking of guests and gifts, did you know according to wedding etiquette, your guests have one year to send you a gift. Yup! Keep that in mind next time you have a summer full of weddings. 

We almost have our venue locked. I’m getting pretty excited about it. Hoping I can share the good news in this next post (or the one after that).