share economy

I'll Trade you a Bottle of Merlot for a Wedding Veil by Vanessa Larkey

Would you trade a bottle of merlot for a wedding veil?

How about an overnight stay at a swank hotel for an engagement photography session?

Over at the Toronto Bunz Wedding Zone Facebook group, no cash transactions take place every day. It’s a great place for former brides to get rid of their excess wedding related purchases (who needs 20 vases???), while brides-to-be can score some awesome second hand gear at a reasonable trade.

Looking to buy instead of trade? Then look somewhere else. This group is for share economy enthusiasts only.

To make sure the group isn’t overrun by a bunch of weirdos/people looking to make a quick buck, it’s invite only. Luckily, I was able to snag a seat at the table by my good friend Dayna. She’s a big proponent of the share economy, and founder of the Kitchen Library.

So! Have I traded anything yet? Unfortunately no. Internet Vanessa is very shy. I’m also not really sure what we need. Our wedding is still nine months away. But! I’m looking forward to chatting with our members, and picking up a centrepiece or two at a reasonable trade.