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The Art Party & Final Payment by Vanessa Larkey

This weekend sh*t got real. Again.

Peter and I woke up Saturday morning and started rushing around like a McCallister about to miss their flight.* 

Our final appointment with the venue (Fantasy Farm) was scheduled for later that morning. We were responsible for providing final attendance numbers and paying the remaining balance on our deposit. Our grand total was about $2000 more than we had originally budgeted for. This was not fault of the venue - entirely us. Our wedding guest list expanded by approximately 20 people throughout the year. To be fair, the venue had flagged that might happened. They said more often than not, wedding guest lists grow as the date moves closer.  

After departing with thousands of dollars, we rushed back to our place. Later that afternoon we were hosting a wedding decor arts & crafts party. As I mentioned in a previous post, wedding odds and ends (place cards etc.) are hella expensive. Bunz Trading Zone is great for some of that stuff, but if you don't swoop in right away, you're left wandering the aisles of Michael's cursing their inflated prices for wedding decor. 

Not content to spend $40 on table numbers, I enlisted the help of some of my artistic friends (shout out to Gabrielle and Michelle!), my bridesmaids and future mother-in-law, Susy. Our mission? Create wedding place cards, table numbers, and a few other wedding odds and ends for the big day. 

As a thank-you, I made lunch and bought booze. 

What did I learn from the crafting party? For one, I was reminded of how insanely talented my friends are. I was floored at their designs and artistic prowess. I also learned that crafting takes much longer than I had initially anticipated. I figured we would be able to knock off the table numbers, place cards and a few other odds and ends in 2 hours. How young. How naive It took about 5 hours in total to complete everything, with the place cards taking up the most time and resources. I'll think of that the next time I'm a guest at a wedding. 

This photo is brought to you by an, "Oh shit! I better take photos of this!" moment. 

This photo is brought to you by an, "Oh shit! I better take photos of this!" moment. 

Aren't they beautiful??? 

Aren't they beautiful??? 

So! We're three weeks away from the wedding. What's left to do? A bunch of stuff, including our wedding day schedule. 

*Any Home Alone fans out there? 

Buying Art Supplies for Wedding Crafts by Vanessa Larkey

Over the weekend I got crafty. Well, kinda. 

I bought the art supplies that will eventually be used to make our table numbers, place settings etc. etc. And as I was perusing the aisles of Dollarama, Michael's and eventually Wal-Mart, I was reminded of the 'wedding tax' we ran into while looking at venues. 

10 place setting cards for $12. An envelope box for $60. I could go on, but it'll upset me too much. Instead, I'll go over how we saved a buck or two and eventually walked away with a bunch for stuff for $170. 

Make A List and Check It Twice

Before I hit the mall, I made a detailed list of everything we needed craft wise. I find making a list for any kind of shopping helps out big time. Personally, without a list I lose focus and forget what I've set out to buy, which means I start filling the cart with unnecessary and costly items. 

The Dollar Store   

When it comes to buying art supplies, a dollar store should be your first stop. Most have a huge selection, and if you can knock off most of your shopping list there there, do it. They have more than you'd think, too. Place card settings, table number holders, and glue guns. If you're in Ontario, Dollarama's are a great resource. Plus, they're clean and generally well stocked. 

Discount Stores

 I generally shy away from shopping at Wal-Mart because I disagree with their politics and employment practises, but sometimes, you need tea lights and they have the lowest price. Wal-mart also has a selection of art supplies, but like I mentioned previously, I'm not a fan of them politically and try to avoid spending my money with them. Plus, the dollar store has 'em beat on price when it comes to place card settings and markers. 

Art Stores

 If you're looking to save big on cash, the art store should be your last stop. I'd also suggest you avoid their wedding section. Sure, the stuff might be cutesy, but it's going to set your budget back big time. Instead, I'd suggest heading to the general art supply section and picking up any items you still need. When it comes to table numbers and place settings, remember, you can make a stencil of a shape you like, buy some nice paper, and make 'em yourself. 

All in all, my experience buying crafts made me very thankful for the Bunz trading app and Facebook group. Wedding supplies can be hella expensive, and it's great to know there is a community of people out there looking to trade for this stuff you'll only use once. 

*I tried to trade for tea lights on the Bunz App, but was too slow on multiple occasions.