Why Won't You Email Me Back? / by Vanessa Larkey

My recent experience dealing with venue coordinators has led me to one conclusion: they’ve taken a page from Adele, and communicate using flip phones only. That has to be the reason for the delayed email responses, right? No immediate access to email?

“Professional Larkey” responds to emails within minutes, unless I’m away from my phone or desk. If that’s the case, it may take a few hours. But! Rest assured, dear colleagues, I will respond to your query as soon as I have a secure Internet connection.

 I’d say my email response time is pretty typical of a media person, but,  I’ve never worked in another industry, so I don’t really know if waiting three to five days for a response is normal. Is it? 

In the coordinating world it certainly is! I’ve started to get use to waiting days (if not a week) for a response. This is from multiple venues, by the way. 

 I get it, they might be busy dealing with other clients but, I have questions that need answers! I wanted to know if mine was a universal experience, so I reached out to a few friends who are either hitched, or have friends getting hitched, to hear about their experience.

*Names have been removed to protect the brides & bridesmaids


Overall I think they might have got back to me within a day or two, based on the time stamps in my sent emails. But, I did have to follow up on the final bill at the end of July (I got married in June). They didn't send me the final bill until early August.  


The rosewater was really good with getting back to us. I think it was the next day. Anytime we emailed them about questions/concerns, we got pretty quick responses compared to other places we contacted. I would totally recommend them, the wedding coordinator there was really helpful.


I have had such a positive experience with my wedding coordinator at Palais Royale. The longest I think she has taken to get back to me is probably 3 days and she apologized profusely for the delay. 


My friend is getting married in June and wanted to do it at the Fifth, was all ready to book and give a deposit but no one got back to her even after she followed up a couple of times. It’s so shitty because that was the venue they wanted, but it was too stressful to rely on people who don’t get back to you when you’re spending that much money!