Don't Look at Stuff You Can't Afford / by Vanessa Larkey

If there's one thing I've learned over the past six months it's this:


Why? Because you will compare EVERYTHING to the more expensive (and presumably) higher quality house/clothing/VENUE. 

And that's where we are today. Let me break it down for you.

Peter and I were at a Halloween party at the Jam Factory – a venue we were very close to booking. What happened? A few things. 

First up? The washroom situation (or lack there of). Could I really expect 130 people to only use two stalls? Especially if there’s drinking involved? Nope. 

Also, communication with their team proved to be.... difficult. 

When emailing with the pricier venues, everyone responded so promptly! And they were clean! With multiple stall washrooms! Why is this so difficult?!?! 

I was wallowing in my first world problem at my Ladies Learning Code Digital Skills for Beginners Course*, when the guest lecturer introduced the concept of "search engine optimization". Suddenly, everything became clear. I was Googling "Toronto Venues" -- I needed to switch up my search engine key words to gain access to a whole new world of event spaces. 

So! With my trusty new key words in hand, I came across this site.

Paul's Halls! So simple (especially in design. Woof).

Early internet page design aside, I suddenly had access to 14 pages of Toronto venues! We've made appointments with three -- the first with the Estonia House on Broadview. It's a cultural centre without much internet presence, but you can rent their grand hall for $2000. Not bad! Plus, you can bring in your own caterer, DJ etc. Some pictures below. 

60s design -- ample lighting. 

60s design -- ample lighting. 

A stage for the ceremony, you say? 

A stage for the ceremony, you say? 

Ample seating! 

Ample seating! 

It's got a 60s aesthetic for sure, but the place can definitely be dressed up. Plus, there's parking for up to 75 cars and we can bring in our own food.

We are going to check out two other venues this week. But! I promise you, dear reader, we will have a venue by the end of this month. 

*I'd definitely recommend the Digital Skills for Beginners Course for anyone looking to dip their toes into the world of web design.