If an Olsen Twin Did It, Should We? / by Vanessa Larkey

Mary-Kate did it, should we?

No, I’m not talking about filling bowls with cigarettes for my guests (is that a Pinterest specialty?), I’m referring to no photos during the wedding ceremony policy. The one person excluded from that rule? The hired photographer. 

At Mary-Kate's wedding, guests were asked to "check" their phones for the entire night, which makes sense when you’re a famous billionaire and don’t want unauthorized photos leaked to the paparazzi.

But! When us non-famous aka regular people ask our guests to unplug, at least during the ceremony, we are politely asking guests to focus on the event that's taking place before them, and not whether Hudson or Inkwell will really capture the moment. 

Focusing on the event aside, in all honesty, have you ever taken a GOOD photo during a wedding ceremony? Seriously. Usually (and I'm speaking from my own experience) they’re blurry pieces of garbage. Either that, or there's a bunch of people in the frame, or the couple is making an unflattering face. But maybe that's just me. 

After the ceremony there will be lots of time for hashtags and social media, but during the ceremony, let's all revert to 1998, k?